What is Bond Cleaning?

Whether you call it a bond clean, an end-of-lease clean, or an exit clean, you’ll almost certainly need to do one when you move out. It’s a legal obligation of your tenancy, as well as the procedure for receiving your bond back. This blog will walk you through the bond cleaning guide and procedures and thoroughly address the query about what is bond cleaning.If you’re new to renting or simply want to brush up on the ins-and-outs of terminating your rental.

What Is Bond Cleaning or End of Lease Cleaning?

A bond clean, also known as a withdrawal clean, is when you clean your rental property thoroughly at the conclusion of your lease. The goal of a reputable service of Bond Cleaning Melbourne is to get the property back to how it was when you first moved in. A claim against your bond may be filed if the property manager thinks that the property has been damaged or that it still needs to be cleaned.

Requirements for Bond Cleaning

Your property manager will specify precise bond cleaning criteria that must be followed. You may lose some or all of your security deposit if the bond clean does not match the estate agent’s standards. Your property manager should offer you with an end-of-lease cleaning checklist to complete. The following principles are significant features of a bond clean as a general guide.

  1. Curtains, venetians, and blinds: Dust, wipe down, or wash all sorts of blinds, including wooden and fabric blinds.
  • Remove any dust buildup and any dead insects from window frames, window sills, and all other fittings and fixtures.
  • Shelves and drawers: Dust the tops of any cabinets and wipe out all drawers.
  • Ventilation fans and ceiling vents: Clean any dust from the ventilation and ceiling fans that are accessible.
  • Floors: Scrub and clean any non-carpeted floors.
  • Grease build-up in the oven and spectrum hood can range from mild to severe, depending on how they are used. Degreasing agents can take up to a 60 minutes to perform their magic on the oven alone. Remember to clean the ridge vent filter and exhaust as well.
  • Carpet steam cleaning: Carpet steam cleaning is required in the majority of circumstances. You may be required to provide the contractor’s receipt as proof of a competent clean.
  • Clean the toilet, bath, and shower recess, removing any built-up soap residue, as well as the basin and all tap ware.

Are Bond Cleaning Quotes Available?

It’s usually a good idea to check bond cleaning prices if you’re intending on getting a professional end-of-lease clean. Obtaining quotations from several cleaning agencies is the most frequent approach to do it. Some will need to be reached via phone, while others will respond via email. You may always acquire a bond cleaning quote online from Mr Bond Cleaning.

End note

You must be able to return the property you formerly leased or acquired in good condition in order to receive your security amount in full. Before you can retrieve your bond, a property manager will inspect the property with the owner or property owner. So, contact the best services to ensure you don’t have any regrets.