Wellman Shew Discusses the Worldwide Impacts of Compassion International child sponsorship program

FRESNO, CA / 2022 / Wellman Shew may be President of Shew & Company Insurance Services, but he is also a philanthropist who is committed to creating a better world for children and future generations of children. Shew currently sponsors two children through the Compassion International organization and has done so for more than 35 years. He recently discussed the worldwide impacts of the Compassion International organization.

“This organization has always been a stand-out charity because it is Christ-centered and child-focused,” Shew said. “Compassion International has become a leading charity in holistic development for children, and this has all been achieved through sponsorships.”

What Is Compassion International

Compassion International is a worldwide organization driven to release children from poverty and help them succeed. All programs are church-driven and centered around Jesus Christ. 

Compassion International blends spiritual care with physical, economic, and social assistance to help children live the lives they deserve. The organization partners with local churches around the globe to create change throughout entire communities. Compassion International is currently working with churches in 25 countries.

Helping at a Community Level

Philanthropists like Wellman Shew believe in Compassion International because the organization understands that change begins on a local level.

“Local churches understand the needs of children in the area because they have been operating there for decades,” Shew said. “Compassion International partners with these churches to provide the care, education, and support local kids need.”

This church-based organization focuses on whole-life care, which is comprehensive. The goal is to help children develop fully so that they can become productive and responsible adults. Many local church organizations powered by Compassion International begin caring for children in the prenatal stage and continue into young adulthood.

How It Works

Compassion International works through child sponsorship. Sponsorship funds may go toward helping mothers and their babies in poverty, meeting critical needs and developing the minds of future leaders through education. 

Your sponsorship dollars are used to offer medical assistance, including necessary transplants, surgeries, cancer treatment, nutritional supplements, wheelchairs, and more. Food security and disaster relief are other common areas of sponsorship use. 

Anyone can sponsor a child through the Compassion International organization. The Compassion.com website offers photos and information about children waiting to be sponsored. Sponsors can exchange photos, letters, and words of encouragement with the children.

The cost is only $38 per month to provide a child with the support he needs to live a healthy and fulfilling life. The money may not last forever, but the hope, joy, and health provided will last a lifetime. 

Wellman Shew and Compassion International

Wellman Shew has had an ongoing relationship with Compassion International for decades. He has always sponsored two children, helping them with everything from education assistance to daily meals, home repairs, and access to safe drinking water. 

He recommends that anybody who has a small amount of extra money to share consider sponsoring a child or simply donating to the Compassion International organization.